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    However, most students who haven’t become proficient at solving word problems get stuck on the very first step, understanding. So a great deal of problem solving effort needs to go into understanding the problem. That's where these strategies come in. These strategies help students analyze what the problem is asking, visualize an approach to solving it, and apply what they have learned from other problems to solve new problems.
    Students who struggle with reading mathematics problems also find strategies helpful. Sometimes their struggle is due to unfamiliar vocabulary; sometimes a lack of interest in reading informational text; sometimes the text structure is too difficult. These strategies can help students overcome those difficulties.
    How to use this course
    To get credit for 5 hours of on-line learning through this course, you need to try several of these strategies with students and write short reflections on how well they worked, including a description of how you implemented them and any reactions from students. You can write your reflections on the discussion tab for each strategy you try.
    We also encourage you to submit copies of interesting student work that show how they used a strategy. We will post copies of student work (without names or schools) under each strategy, as good examples for other teachers.
    When you have done about 5 hours of work (at least 3 strategies), email the course facilitator, explaining which strategies you tried. We'll check out your postings to certify that you put 5 hours into the work, then send you a certificate to present to your administrators.
    Facilitator: Theron Blakeslee, Ingham Intermediate School District

    Problem solving strategies 6-14-10b.pdf Use this link to download a hard copy of the Problem Solving Toolkit.
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